Try these moves for muscular shoulders


Hold a short handle attached to a high pulley, with a close grip.

Some prefer holding the handle with their palms facing upwards as shown here, while others prefer holding it with the palms facing downwards.

Kneel down slightly away from the machine and you will start feeling a mild stretch in your back at this start position.

Pull the handle down to the chest level and squeeze the back hard for a couple of seconds.

Release and return to start position.


Momentum and swinging action.

Moving the elbows away from the body.

Pulling with biceps’ strength.

Straining the neck.

Muscles targeted

It trains the lattissimus dorsi, with more impact on the lower part of the muscle.

Also works the serratus muscle and has some effect on smaller muscles of the back such as teres major and rhomboids.

Develops the lower lats and gives a wider appearance to the back.

Who benefits

Rowers, body builders, swimmers and wrestlers.