In memory of her late sports-loving father R.T. Narayan, Kannada actor Ramya is all set to sponsor a tennis tournament

Life is on an overtime for Ramya, the actor-turned-politician after she became an MP for Mandy constituency. Ramya, has now donned a new role as a sports sponsor and is all set to sponsor the R.T. Naryan Memorial Cup tennis tournament in Bangalore, as a tribute to her foster father, late R.T.Narayan. Ramya says, “Life’s has been hectic ever since I became a MP and I had to shuttle all the time between Mandya, Bangalore and Delhi to attend political wok and do my shoots. I just feel 24 hours in a day is not enough!”, says Ramya.

The award-winning 31-year-old actor referred as the Golden Girl of Sandalwood, who is the youngest MP in current Indian Parliament, completed little over 100 days as an MP. She relishes the role and feels that there’s a lot to learn in politics.`` I still have a long way to go in my political career and there’s a lot I wish do in many spheres.” But she adds that her colleagues In Congress and as well as Opposition members in Delhi were courteous and cordial to her.

“They are all very friendly and I can walk into any Minister’s chamber for a chat and have no airs and allow me in. Even Sushma Swaraj Ji, was very nice to me. She greeted me in Kannada.” Ramya is an unabashed admirer of Sonia Gandhi and says, she admires the spirit of the lady, “who has overcome all hurdles and tragedied in life to become the most powerful figure in Indian politics.” The launch of R.T. Narayan Memorial Cup tennis tournament from December 9, marks Ramya’s love for sports. “I have imbibed my love for sports from Appaji (R.T. Narayan). He always loved all sports from football to ice hockeyHe used to sit and talk for hours on tennis and on players like Roger Federer. He made it a point to play a game or two on weekends at the Vonttikoppal Club courts in Mysore. Whenever I go abroad, I used to get him tennis gear like a new racquet, shoes etc,” recalls Ramya.

R.T. Narayan was a sounding board for the outspoken actor and guided her in life and career and it was a pity that he was not around in the hour of her triumph at Mandya. “To say that I miss him will be an understatement, even now whenever I walk into my room, I feel he is there somewhere around,” says Ramya.

Not for Ramya alone, R.T. Narayan, was a mentor to KSLTA and guided the association from sidelines, helping it to renovate at once the decrepit stadium and conduct international events like Legends Tour, World Doubles Championship and WTA tournament, without seeking any publicity or post for himself in the association.

Another admirable facet of R.T. Narayan was his generosity. He was never shy to support any aspiring youngster in need of financial assistance. Ramaya, would like to carry on that legacy through her R.T. Narayan Memorial Trust. As a first step, she has agreed to sponsor the National Under-16 champion B.R. Nikshep, who was recommended by the KSLTA.

The R.T. Narayan Memorial Cup has been exquisitely designed by an International expert, Mike Foley, who created the F-1 Indian Grand Prix Logo. The tournament will be a permanent fixture of the State’s sports s calendar, stresses Ramaya. “I want this to become marquee tournament for juniors attracting best of the talent in the country and I will sponsor it on an annual basis,” signed off the actor before leaving for her shoot.