Launching the first indoor GoKart track

Tucked away under Snow World on Lower Tank Bund Road is Kart Cave, where speed not only thrills, but does not kill either. Its subterranean setting has its own charm. For starters, the temperature is easily 3 to 4 degrees less than the sweltering surroundings. A cool draught welcomes each visitor, leading many to believe the interiors are air-conditioned. Subdued CFL illumination is soothing not only to the eye but to the skin as well. Entry takes you to a mezzanine floor where tickets can be purchased to drive. While the onlookers remain at the mezzanine floor, the drivers proceed downstairs to the track after reading and understanding safety instructions and completion of the sign-up procedure.

Built in 2004 and operational from the following year, Kart Cave is India's only indoor GoKart track. Conceived, designed, built and operated by multi-time national racing and rallying champion Mazdayar Vatcha, it's obvious that much of his experience and expertise has gone into this facility, located in the heart of the twin cities. Walls lining the tarred track are made of tyres pinned together, forming a safe barricade for racing enthusiasts zooming at speeds touching 80 kmph. In a worst-case scenario, an errant driver will only crash into the tyres, where the damage entails only replacing the pile of discards. There is a choice of karts too: the regular ones for newcomers, the smaller-sized ones for kids and the Pro-karts for seasoned speed freaks. Attentive staff is at hand to ensure nothing goes wrong, the temptation to rev accentuated by well-maintained machines.

A four-lap spin is priced at Rs. 150 and there's a waiting list almost right through the day. To get tips from Mazdayar, a proven champ in the short and long versions, will indeed be an added bonus.