A traditional European dish that continues to rule

A tried and tested dish, fish and chips is a favourite of many. But not everyone can make it the savoury way. At Le Meridien’s all day dining restaurant The One, fish and chips is one of the most popular dishes. It chef in charge, Karan Mehta, shares with our readers its recipe.

Fish and chips


880 gm sole fish fillet

160 gm white bread crumb

For marination:

4 egg

250 gm refined flour

3 tbsp mustard paste

4 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp papprika powder

½ tsp white pepper

Salt to taste

Refined oil for deep fry

For mixed salad:

40 gm cucumber (julienned)

40 gm tomato (julienned)

40 gm green capsicum (julienned)

70 gm iceberg lettuce(julienned)

4 tsp olive oil

Salt & pepper as per taste

For tartar sauce:

20 gm gherkins chopped

10 gm cocktail onion chopped

1 boiled egg white chopped

120 gm mayonnaise

1 tsp mustard paste

½ tsp lemon juice

Salt & pepper as per taste


4 cocktail gherkin

4 cocktail onion

4 stuffed green olive

4 lemon wedges

320 gm French fries


Wash and pat dry the fish fillet and set aside.

To prepare fish marination: In a bowl put egg, refined flour, mustard paste, lemon juice, paprika powder, white pepper and salt. Whisk it all well until smooth. Marinate the fish fillet in the above prepared batter and leave it for a while.

To prepare salad: In a bowl mix cucumber, tomato, green capsicum, iceberg lettuce, olive oil, salt and pepper and keep aside.

To prepare tartar sauce: In a bowl put gherkins, cocktail onion, egg white, mayonnaise, mustard paste, lemon juice, salt and pepper, mix well.

Crumb the marinated fish and deep fry in preheated deep fat fryer until golden brown. Arrange the fish in a serving plate with a gherkin, cocktail onion and stuffed green olive.

Serve with green salad, tartar sauce, lemon wedge and French fries.

About the chef

Delhi’s Karan Mehta is Le Meridien’s Executive Sous Chef in-charge of its all-day dining restaurant The One. Though he loves the cuisine of the city, he is a specialist in European cuisine, has put in ten years of work with the hotel after working with Hyatt Regency and Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi. Karan says he loves to cook pasta at home with lots of garlic and olives for his wife and two daughters. He is a voracious reader of cookbooks, loves listening to old hits of Kishore Kumar and is also found shooting with his brand new camera if not cooking. Food photography is his new found interest.

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