A marmalade laced with rosemary

Rosemary has a unique pine-like fragrance and flavour, balanced by a rich pungency. Its health benefits make it an indispensable herb in kitchens. Its leaves look like flat pine-tree needles, deep green in colour on top and silver-white on the underside. Part of rosemary's popularity came from the belief that it stimulated one's memory, a quality for which it is still traditionally used.

Fresh rosemary should be stored in the refrigerator either in its original packaging or wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel. You can also place the sprigs in ice cube trays covered with either water or stock that can be added when preparing soups or stews.

Rosemary is a good source of iron and calcium, as well as dietary fibre.

Now, for a recipe.

Onion and rosemary marmalade


Onion, peeled and sliced: 3 large ones

Butter: 20 gm

Oil: 5 ml

Rosemary leaves: 15 gm

White vinegar: 50 ml

Cinnamon powder: 3 gm

Cumin powder: 5 gm

Jaggery: 15 gm

Raw mango, peeled and cut into small cubes: 50 gm

Method: Heat oil in the pan, and sauté the sliced onion till it turns tender. Add the butter and cook till the onion begins to brown. Add the juliennes of raw mango and cook well. Add the spices and the jaggery to the rosemary leaves and mix well. Once the jaggery dissolves, add the vinegar and the rosemary and cook it well.

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Taj Connemara

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