Q: A) Why is work to be considered as a sacrifice? What exactly are we sacrificing while doing work?

B) Expectation in any corporate is to achieve higher targets in a smarter way. This being so, our mind is preoccupied with analyzing situations, planning for action, execution etc. all towards achieving these surface goals. In this scenario inward focus is in conflict with external demands. How to remain internalized when the external expectation will not let you be!

C) In the corporate world where most of us operate, our work lives are riddled with impossible deadlines, harassing bosses, stifling competition and negative politics. Amidst all this, our energy and effort are focused only on day to day survival amidst the chaos. How do we find and serve Him amidst this suffocating negativity?K Jaishree


A) Any effort is a sacrifice. No one can be moved to effort unless He wills. Therefore, if we consciously choose to surrender, all that we do as a sacrifice to Him then we have the best chance of attaining Him. It was in this context that I had said all work can be seen as a sacrifice to Him.

B) There is no such clear differentiation as Internal or External. If all activities of the Mind including analysis, planning etc. are all done without distraction and thinking about the outcome with anxiety or doubt, then these also become internal focused actions. It is the Mind working on its own with fears, doubts etc. which cause the external focus. Therefore, when work is seen as a sacrifice, then the work would be done with all analysis, planning etc. but without fear, doubts, anxieties about the outcome thereby paving the way for one to progress more Inward always.

C) Yes, the current period of Earth’s existence seem to be in a state of turmoil. This seems to apply whether it is to the corporate world or any other activity. To answer the question - as long as the deadlines are not seen as impossible but attempted with all possible diligence! As long as bosses are seen as human beings with more or as many faults in their character as every other person and therefore not harassing unnecessarily (or if they do choose another boss)! As long as politics is accepted as reality and not negative or positive, one will serve Him in every minute of our existence. What does this mean? This means one does not react too much to the circumstances surrounding one but instead there is a clear acceptance of what is and effort is made not only to change any external circumstances but also progress beyond being affected by circumstances. Then one is serving Him always.

Q: Doing work with calm state of mind and leaving the result to god was truly inspiring but in many situations anxiety over the result spoils the whole game. Sometimes devotion/Meditation to god is even tested to its limits (mostly distrust and vacuum always wins). Is there any other way to maintain calmness?D Bharani

A: As I have mentioned, it is essential to first work with the Mind to develop dispassion and calmness. Therefore, whenever a disquiet or disturbance arises, one has to move above and identify with the observing part of the Mind and step back by not identifying with the disturbance or distrust. Once this becomes a habit, then there is a greater chance of more calmness arising. Also, food habits and good maintenance of the body helps in achieving better mental equilibrium. Long term, there seems no escape to taming the Mind through the Mind to attain calmness initially by developing concentrated attention and later through other practices like meditation.

Q: People say we are incomplete (imperfect) when compared to god who is complete (perfect) in every aspect. So is it really possible for an incomplete body to understand the complete one? Also, Is it not right to view god as a witness rather than an omnipotent?Arun Kumar

A: It is correct to assume / understand that when we are Ignorant, we cannot understand the complete whole. However, when we move above the Mental stage, one can get glimpses of the Truth is what all learned ones say. The Mind can also imagine or understand partially the Whole (as even science proves many assumptions made by the Seers of the past through their wisdom). But the ideal solution to understand the perfection is to move above our Mental state and become one with the One.

The second part is a little tricky. When there is none other than that One, then He can be a Witness as also the Omnipotent. In normal practise, when the One agrees to undergo a chosen experience as a separate soul, then we can call Him as the witness, i.e, the soul in each of us. This is because He has willed Himself to undergo an experience or experiences without identifying with His Omnipotence. However, when He identifies (which He can if He so Desires) with His Omnipotence, then He is the Omnipotent.

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