The one thing you should do when you are really angry is walk into a room where a couple of kittens are at play. There is no anger diffuser or stress buster quite as watching two kittens smack each other, roll around in combat, only to be totally distracted by their own tails, and suddenly go round in comical circles and tumble over in blissful clumsiness.

There is also no feeling quite as warm as watching a kitten purring when you stroke him, stretching his furry little limbs into the air. A little laser pointer brings out the funniest cat moments, as do crumpled pieces of paper.

As for big, angry family fights, however heated an argument is, all it takes is the sight of a kitten trying to frighten its own reflection in the mirror, for laughter to take over. Remember, kitten therapy blossoms into cat therapy. Adopt a kitten and get years of love and quiet companionship that enrich your life like nothing else ever will.

(To adopt one , call 9962097862)

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