Baiju Gopinath's paintings, in different media and styles, are visual expressions of his experiences during his travels in India

‘Yathra,' a collection of 25 paintings by Baiju Gopinath, a self-taught artist, is a journey through the mindscape and vision of the artist. Dreamy underwater scenes, picture-perfect landscapes of Kerala, and abstracts of the human face, obviously inspired by Picasso, catch the eye of spectators.

“I have always had a fascination for underwater scenes. The play of light, the creatures and plants that inhabit the watery realm, and the vistas that one sees when you open your eyes have never ceased to mesmerise me. Recently, I went scuba diving in the Andamans to soak in those sights, a celebration of visuals!” explains Baiju. Seven works pay homage to the artist's appeal for the water world. Shades of green invite you to bask in that wistful, mirage-like world of sinuous plants and aquatic life. Eyes, wide open, appear in the paintings, perhaps, an indication of the visitors' wide-eyed appreciation of nature's bounty.

Nature's resurrection

The artist agrees that all his works, in acrylics, oils and waters, is an affirmation of nature's resurrection. Landscapes of Kerala in robust blues and greens contrast with mist-laden pictures of the hills in delicately worked pastel shades.

Pleasing surrealistic images of places and people also figure in the collection.

The abstracts are painted in carefully chosen colours that convey multiple layers of meanings.

“I have always enjoyed travel and have journeyed extensively in India. My experiences during my voyages have been expressed in visual images” says Baiju, an engineer who works in Kodaikanal. He adds that he is immersed in his thesis on art that he plans to complete with the help of a good guide.

Apart from ‘Soul,' all the other works are untitled, as he wants visitors to interpret their work in the light of their own experience. This is the artist's second solo exhibition in the city. The exhibition at the Alliance Française de Trivandrum concludes on September 30.

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