Krithika Bala’s new single ‘I am a woman’ takes a different look at sexual harassment

At an event held in Ambassador Pallava, singer and corporate communications professional Krithika Bala along with Kavithalayaa released a new music video on sexual harassment on the occasion of Women’s Day. At the launch, host Sanobar Sultana also had the audience, which included the cast that appears in the song, talk about what Women’s Day means to them. The album cover was officially launched by music director Daran Kumar and Pushpa Kandaswamy, managing director, Kavithalayaa Productions.

“Even if she is second to none, a woman is never free of being treated as an object of desire. Wherever she goes she has no respite from some menfolk who harass her in several ways. She is afraid... Why should she be... asks the song ‘I am a woman’,” says Krithika on Youtube where the song is available.

The video features women in different roles and from different sections of the society, talking/singing about the many forms of harassment that they face; at work, on the road, when they ride bikes, whether rich or poor or even while at a temple.

‘I Am A Woman’ written, composed and sung by Krithika Bala has a catchy tune and uses a Carnatic ‘accent’ with English lyrics and fuses different genres. The result is impressive. The fact that it has the blessing of director K. Balachander lends it more weight as well.

From comments from a colleague on Facebook to people who dismiss harassment as ‘drunken banter’ and men who address women patronisingly as ‘dear’… all find mention in Krithika’s single. Pushpa Kandaswamy, speaking at the event, added that Kavithalayaa and its patron K. Balachander have always been in the forefront of showcasing women’s battles against the society and their empowerment. “Kavithaalaya Productions is happy to have been associated with this project!”