Using different media, 20 artists come together to pay their tribute to womanhood

Nijh World Gallery, collaborating with M2K group, presents an exhibition of paintings and sculptures titled “The Pride of Being a Woman - 2” by a group of emerging artists like Anil Mohanpuriya, Alok Hari, Ashok Dixit, Devendra Kharol, Prahlad Sharma, Pushpkant Mishra, Anupam Bhatnagar, Amit Rajvanshi, Pervash Sagar, Rajatsubhra Bandopadhyay, Ram Kishan Bhandari, Suresh Prajapati, Laxya Pal Singh Rathore, Niranjan Kumar and Vinay Trivedi. The art exhibition commemorates 101 years of International Women's Day.

The exhibits unravel the mysteries of the dialectical relationship between the malleable heart and the tough roles every woman has to play in the process of becoming successful. The works on canvas try to depict the hindrances in regaining lost pride, be it socially, morally, emotionally or spiritually.

Present at the opening of the exhibition, Sanjay Koul of M2K, Pitampura, said, “Today we feel proud to pay tribute to nature's most wonderful creation, women. Through our initiative, we stand together and salute women.”

Member of National Commission for Women, Charu Wali Khanna, inaugurated the exhibition that has been curated by Harinansha Bharadwaj.

Amit Rajvanshi, in his series ‘Pranay', portrays the peacock as a lover. The painter depicts the external beauty of the peacock along with an emotional aspect using acrylic and charcoal as media. Flexible forms, bright colours and contrasting textures characterise his works.

Laxpal Singh Rathore is a realist but his paintings illustrate people from Rajasthan with abnormally long necks. The long necks symbolise the daily struggles of the Rajasthani people, an analogy with the camel, which needs its long neck to reach trees. “I have been attracted towards water colour, which is considered one of the most challenging mediums to indulge in. I have made an attempt at mixed media, which has encouraged me to exploit texture. Now I have set out to explore it further and develop my own style, a unique style characterised by strong brush strokes that impart a sense of freedom of spirit. My current work is a unique ensemble of the British school art and textured water colour.”

Vinay Trivedi is influenced by folk and primitive art. Fascinated by Madhubani paintings, he has used them as the base of this work.

Harinansha Bhardwaj, president of Nijh World, said, “The entire show focuses on the pride of being a woman. The show depicts, through various art forms, the supremacy of woman on earth, next only to God. The exhibition purports to showcase the proud mother, the proud sister, the proud wife, the proud daughter, the proud friend and the proud soldier.”

The exhibition is on till March 20 at M2K Mall, Pitampura.