X-Centrik, a newly opened game zone offers entertainment to the entire family

Here is a new addition to the list of hangouts in town. A hi-tech game zone opened at Milan’em Mall, offers a thrilling gaming experience to city’s denizens. X-Centrik, built over 2100 sq.ft on the fourth floor of the mall houses exclusive gaming zones for kids, adults and teenagers. Says Managing Director A.Premkumar, “X-Centrik aims to combine playing and intelligence so that children spend quality time having fun and learning. It’s an edutainment concept.” He says the inspiration to start a gaming lounge in Madurai came from his visit to Disney Land in US.

When Software engineers Premkumar and his wife R. Anuradha returned to their hometown, they felt the need for a family play zone. “We have designed the space in such a way that all members of a family can have fun together,” says Anuradha. “Video games are wrongly understood to be spreading violence among children. But if used properly, they can go a great way in encouraging innovation and creativity among children.”

X-Centrik features over 300 multimedia games and has nearly 60 play terminals. In the kids zone, there are I-pads preloaded with game apps, racing video games, motion and projector sensor games. “We have some of the latest games that are new to the country,” says Premkumar pointing to a project image spread on the floor. “It’s an interactive floor. This game is called ‘catch the fish,” he explains. “When a kid steps on to the image or when someone touches the projected image on the floor, the fish start moving. It creates an illusion of a real aquarium.”

Every game is customized and updated periodically. There are also educational games based on Discovery and National Geographic programmes. “These games are sourced from all over the world. I have been working for a year to set up the gaming lounge,” says Premkumar. “My intention is to work with schools. Fun-learning should be encouraged as part of the education system. Visual media learning is a famous concept abroad.” He points out that at X-Centrik, kids below 13 years are not allowed to play shooting games involving violence.

For car-racing freaks, there is an exclusive virtual Ferrari zone that gives a realistic feel of driving a Ferrari. “The steering rings, the gear and clutch are miniature replicas of the real Ferrari,” informs Premkumar. Sports games like virtual bowling alley are finding fancy among teenagers and adults. Traditional gaming enthusiasts go for Play Station, X-Box or Avengers.

“Madurai is getting modern. Even middle-aged mothers are playing video games these days. We also have membership options for regular players,” says Premkumar. For families desiring privacy, the game zone also features a 350 sq.ft family lounge where a group or family of 12 members can enjoy their games. Premkumar adds, “There are extra games loaded in the machines here. Families may book the lounge an hour before. They will also be assisted by an exclusive helper.” X-Centrik charges Rs.80 for 30 minutes of gaming and Rs.150 for an hour. The family gaming lounge can be booked for one hour at the cost of Rs.3000 and for two hours at Rs.5000. The zone is also rented out for parties on weekdays.