Newcomer Deeksha Seth believes everybody should do Pilates

“I don’t believe in dieting. I am a big foodie,” says actor Deeksha Seth, who is making her debut in Hindi cinema with the film Lekar Hum Deewana Dil, a coming-of-age love story. “I love eating and tend to binge. In fact, I should cut down a bit,” she quips.

Talking about her role in the film, she says, “I play Karishma Shetty, a sweet, fun-loving girl. She’s from a traditional family but studying in Mumbai, she has had a modern upbringing. It’s a film about making mistakes, learning and re-learning.” For their roles, both Deeksha and her co-star Armaan underwent fitness training for three months. Sharing her fitness tip, Deeksha adds, “I think everybody should do Pilates. It’s the in thing for the season.”

Asked how she stays in shape, she replies, “For me staying in shape is being fit, not just thin. Though I do not make frequent trips to the gym, my routine includes regular walking.” She also attributes her fitness to her active persona. “I am a very energetic person and like to lead an active lifestyle. So, every time my friends come over, we put on some music and dance or do the hula- hoop together.”

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