The Family Day celebrations of UST Global brings family members to the workplace

You invariably visit your ward's school during the school annual day. How about children visiting their parents' workplace? Or say, parents coming in to see where their children work? Even spouses are given an opportunity to see where their partners work. All this happens at Family Day, a one-of-its-kind annual event of UST Global.

This year's Family Day celebrations of the company were held last weekend at its Kochi and Thiruvanathapuram centres.

The Day brings together parents, children and spouses of the employees. This time some grandparents also turned up for the celebration.

Action-packed afternoon

The lighting of the lamp by the parents kicked off the event. ‘Talent Hunt' organised by CUBE, a kids club managed by UST Global, set the ball rolling.

The afternoon was action-packed with various competitions like fancy dress and painting.

According to Alexander Varghese, Country Head, UST Global: “As a child I used to wonder how it was to go to work, and used to ask my father to take me along when he went to his workplace. But he told that was not possible.

“Well, today my children can accompany me to my workplace during the Family Day celebrations where they not only get to see where their father works but also get to make new friends and have fun. Thus, it not only brings families closer to the workplace so that they can relate to the culture of UST Global, but also ensures a family get-together.”

The Chennai centre of UST Global will celebrate Family Day on December 10.


MetroplusJune 28, 2012