On a hillock, on the city’outskirts, surrounded by water, plants, flowers — Elements offers a new weddingscape

Weddings should be magical, a day you carry with you for the rest of your lives. That’s the experience Sunitha Ninan Joseph and Bharath Mahadevan try to bring couples with Elements, their outdoor wedding venue set on three acres of a hillock on Kanakapura Road.

With one and a half acres developed so far, the venue is now open for wedding and reception bookings, private parties, corporate dinner cocktails and even photo shoots. The terraced garden called The Garden of the Gods, complete with a stage has been created with an aim to establish a relationship with nature. Teeming with flowers, lush gardens, and thick bushes to fence off the property, Sunitha and Bharath have created a wonderfully intimate, private world for couples on their wedding day.

The couple have also tried to be as green as possible, while still bringing their patrons a luxury experience they won’t forget. “We didn’t cut any trees throughout developing this land, except one. We went to a lot of nurseries and got a lot of advice on what kind of flowers to plant. We wanted it to look like Bangalore, the Garden City, especially for foreigners and NRIs. We want them to see plants and colour,” says Sunitha.

The garden also uses LED lighting, which, though more expensive, is energy efficient and creates the effect of a moonlit garden when turned on at night. The garden also has solar-powered snake repellents and eco-friendly mosquito repellent that eliminates the need of fogging the venue.

The Maharani’s Mandapa where the couples perform the wedding ceremony is surrounded by water, creating an exclusive space for just the bride, groom, priest and the parents to sit during the ceremony.

The venue also comes with their signature bridal villa spread over 2,000 square feet, with its own compound wall for privacy. The centrally air conditioned villa opens out into a temperature controlled private pool and manicured lawn. “We have made it look like a floating room, so it is elevated just above the water from three sides,” says Sunitha. Describing how they managed to put together an experience like this, Sunitha says, “We looked for things we can use during our travels. We clicked and wrote about things that we liked and would like to replicate here. Our time in Hong Kong helped us a lot in setting this up.”

The venue also comes with provisions to take care of the elderly, physically handicapped and parents travelling with infants on strollers. The venue costs Rs. 80,000 for four hours, Rs. 1,20,000 for an eight hour block and an additional Rs. 30,000 for the Bridal Villa, inclusive of breakfast and one complimentary transfer to the city. For details contact Sunitha on 8867529199