I learnt this recipe from my grandmother almost 60 years ago. I make this often for my family and this halwa is as popular as the moong dal halwa of North India. It is an integral part of the wedding menu in Thanjavur district.

What you need

Green gram, skin removed: 200 gm

Wheat flour: 200 gm

Sugar: 400 gm

Ghee: 100 ml

Cardamom, coarsely powdered: 8

Cashewnuts, fried, broken into bits: 10

Saffron powder for colour: a pinch

Cooking instructions

Roast the green gram till golden brown.

Soak in water for half an hour and boil until soft.

Grind to a fine paste in a blender and keep aside.

Fry wheat floor with ghee till it turns golden brown and gives off an aroma. Keep aside.

Take sugar in a thick bottomed pan, add a little water and boil till it gets a stringy consistency.

Add ground green gram paste and fried wheat floor constantly stirring to avoid lumps.

Keep adding ghee while stirring and add the saffron powder.

When it turns uniformly pasty add cardamom powder and mix well.

Add roasted cashews, remove from the pan and serve hot.

Rajalakshmi Rajagopalan is a homemaker and grandmother of six.

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