MY GRANDMA'S RECIPE: A healthy, iron-rich version of the regular puttu

A recipe learnt from her maternal aunt, S. Sivagami, recalls ragi puttu often being made at home. The healthy ingredients like raagi and jaggery make this a healthy evening snack for growing children. Some cahewnuts fried in gheee could be the best way to lure the kids to this healthy treat she says.

What you need:

Raagi Flour: 2 cups

Jaggery : 1 cup

Coconut: Half cup (grated)

Cardamom powder: half tsp

Cashew nuts: 7 or 8 pieces

Ghee: 2 tsp (for frying cashew nuts)

Cooking Instructions:

Knead the ragi flour, with sprinkled salt water, into a dough that is similar in consistency to the one used to make kozhakattais (Indian sweet dumplings). Spin it once in a mixie and then sieve it bring to a fine texture. Steam the flour on a idli cooker or with special puttu holders. Once cooked, mix the puttu with the jaggery, cardamom, fried cashewnuts and grated coconut, while it is still hot. While you mix, the heat melts the jaggery coating the puttu evenly. Garnish with cashewnuts.

Home maker, S. Sivagami, is an avid painter who is particularly good at oil painting and glass painting. The walls of her house are adorned by professional looking artwork that she says she completed during her free time. Besides creating designs on paper, she is also adept at tailoring.

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