She makes horoscopes for homes, offices and architectural structures. Neeta Sinha is an astro-architect who has been designing houses for over 20 years in accordance with the specifics of vaastu, feng shui and astrology. Sought after by a number of prominent personalities especially from Bollywood, here she takes a few questions on the nature of her work.

The starting point One fine day, my then neighbour Dr L. N. Kusuma, a homeopath and cosmic research scientist made three predictions about my life. I never attached weight to his predictions till all three came true by the end of the week. I was so fascinated and at the same time hated the fact that nobody other than me can have the right to predict my life. Hence I commenced my journey towards learning this science. I was 24 then and now I'm 51. The journey since then has been very enrapturing.

Astrology in today's life

Astrology was always there but now it has gained a lot more importance because the increasing number of skyscrapers and buildings have lessened the peace in the houses. Earlier there were joint families and family issues were resolved within the family. Now with the growing trend of nuclear families, there is a lot of negativity and frustration in everybody. Hence they turn towards astrology for peace of mind and positivity in their surroundings. If we use this science as a torch, then astrology can help people in all aspects of life i.e. career, health or marriage. Nobody can change the destiny of a person but with the correct use of astrology, we can surely provide some relief and reduce the worries in life. It is extremely beneficial for the students who usually consult me about the subjects they should opt for higher studies which will be most beneficial for their career. I advise people to do good karma and do not leave everything on fate.

Techniques employed to improve a house's horoscope

No single home will have the same effect on every family that resides there. I avoid advising structural changes and believe in balancing the positive and negative energies of the place by using colours, water bodies and plants. However on a more general note, it is always advisable to improve the entrance of your house by keeping it clean and well-lit.

A tip from the drip

People should be sensitive enough to know which corner of their house is negative. For instance, if a tap in your bathroom is posing trouble and with repeated attempts of making it work, it still poses a problem, then probably your bathroom is sending out negative vibrations. If you identify this negative area, then you can minimise this detrimental energy by using more of yellow colour or by simply placing a flowing money plant in your home.