A paratha festival is on at Grill Restaurant, Uday Samudra, Kovalam, till March 23

The aromatic smell of ghee wafts through the air tickling my ‘hunger buds' as I step into Grill Restaurant at Uday Samudra, Kovalam. The restaurant, which has been revamped to resemble a mechanic shop-cum-Punjabi dhaba is holding a paratha festival. Two chefs from Punjab, Chef Rohan Lal and Arun Lal have been flown down especially for the festival to ensure the parathas are as authentic as they can get.

Explosion of flavours

Soon the waiter serves me a Jaipuri paratha. Made from a mix of flours (maida, atta and cornflour) and spices, it is an explosion of flavours on my taste buds. It goes well with the spicy mango pickle and raitha that is served. Next comes a Shrimp paratha. The stuffing in the paratha reminds me of the mixture one prepares while making prawns bhaji.

A Meetha paratha that is stuffed with chopped fruits and a smearing of sugar on top tops off my meal.

As one looks at the menu (yes, you have to order the parathas a la carte), one is confused as to what to choose. For vegetarians, Boondi parathas (stuffed salty boondi in parathas), Mattar paratha (stuffed with mashed green peas cooked in masala) and Channa dal parathas (stuffed with channa dal) come recommended by the chefs.

Sattu paratha (spiced roasted gram flour), Panner paratha (stuffed with cottage cheese) and Mooli paratha (stuffed with Daikon radish) are some of the other options for vegetarians.

Keema parathas (stuffed with masala-laden minced meat), Anda paratha (stuffed with egg and baked with cheese on top) and Mughlai paratha (stuffed with egg and minced meat and fried) will be a hit with non-vegetarians as will the Shrimp parathas.

Children will be sure to enjoy the Sugar paratha (stuffed with just sugar), the Meetha paratha and the Paratha pizza pops (pizza filling of vegetables, pizza sauce and then baked with cheese.) Those who want parathas that are closer to home can order Kerala paratha or Kothhu paratha.

While all the vegetarian parathas are priced between Rs. 35 and Rs. 65, the non-vegetarian parathas are priced between Rs. 65 and Rs 85. The parathas come served with pickles and raitha. The festival is on during lunch and dinner time till March 23.

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