The German interior designing company Nolte offers a range of bedroom and kitchen options

Nolte Home Studio is an 85-year-old German interior designing company that specialises in kitchen and bedroom solutions for your home. Walk into the spacious studio in Koramangla, with its high ceilings and tastefully-decorated model bedrooms and kitchens – it is a struggle to keep from running around opening cabinets and closets.

First make place for your bookshelf and then think about everything else, Nolte gives you options in wood or chrome, high gloss and coloured fronts. Their specialisation lies in modular furniture and bedroom and kitchen concepts that they design depending on the brief that they have been given by the client.

Founded in 1923, Nolte revolutionised the global furniture industry by pioneering production-line manufacturing giving the customer practical, efficient cooking management. With a vast range of finishes to choose from, Nolte gives the client the option of the perfect colour or even a mix of finishes in one kitchen. With large plinth drawers for big industrial size vessels and extra wide drawers which slide in and out with ease, there is much to choose from.

The brand also takes care of bedrooms with a range of finishes that vary from opaque glass, grey mirror, wood and matte in combinations to suit the clients taste and sense of aesthetics. The store gives you an idea of what the professionals are able to do for you and your house and it looks great. They are able to give you a home without making it look like it was put together at a factory.

Nolte has been in India since 2005 and the plush store in Bangalore is their head office. The kitchens have been custom made to suit and support Indian cooking techniques which calls for a lot of oil and masalas, so instead of wood they use granite for the worktops.

They have trained personnel who visit the clients’ site and design kitchens and bedrooms according to the space that is available. The designs are done in India and then sent to Germany where they are put it together and then shipped back here.

Nolte strives to utilise space and light as efficiently as possible and customises the rooms and kitchens to suit the clients’ lifestyle. There is always some extra space in the wardrobe to accommodate that extra suitcase.

The Nolte bedroom also allows you to co-ordinate your bed, side tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers and console to reflect your personality and capture the ambience you want to come home to. Nolte is located at 1, SJR Primus, Koramangala. For details call 41489998.