Sachin Tendulkar retiring from One-Day-Internationals has come as a shocker to his fans. Madurai cricket enthusiasts talk about the phenomenon Sachin is...

“The world has ended with Sachin’s Retirement” – reads a post on Facebook. “The God is gone” – reads another status update. “As a way to honour Sachin's great contribution to ODIs, let's retire Jersey No.10 & show respect for the Master Blaster,” – says an online campaign on fb. A letter from Sachin addressed to his fans is also attracting numerous comments on social networking sites.

With Sachin’s retirement, many feel that Indian cricket has lot a pillar. Sachin has managed to strike a chord with both young and old cricket lovers. It’s a common saying among cricket lovers that ‘Cricket is religion and Sachin is God.’ So, here’s what cricket lovers have to say about Sachin.

Jaffer, a player who represented Tamil Nadu in under-14 at National-level cricket tournaments: “Sachin’s retirement is definitely a great loss to the Indian cricket team. Sachin is a perfectionist and plays with involvement and dedication. A lot can be learnt from his technique of playing. I have watched his moves very closely. He is known for his confidence and trust in young players.”

Gauthaman, a member of Majestic Toddlers Cricket Club for 25 years: “Sachin managed to maintain his performance consistently. If there is one Indian player recognized globally, it is Sachin. His strength is his observation. He gauges the ball and then hits. He is also a versatile player as he played different formats like T20, ODIs and Test series with the same dedication and approach.”

Hukkim Bazith, M.Sc, Bio-Technology student, Alagappa University: “I personally admire Sachin for his cover drives and front-foot shots. His retirement is a shock and I feel sad for the future of Indian team. I still remember the Sharjah match in 1998 played against Australia in which he scored two consecutive centuries. I wish he was there for some more years. I am hoping to see him in test matches.”

Muthu Malai, M.Sc student, Yadava College: “I personally remember Sachin’s performance in two ODIs – one against New Zealand in which he scored 186 not out and the other against South Africa in which he scored an unbeaten double century. The 2007 World Cup match against Pakistan is also known for Sachin’s extraordinary performance. I adore the way Sachin paddle-sweeps spinning deliveries. It’s a technique he introduced and handled to tackle tough bowlers.”

Mohanraj, former executive committee member of Tamil Nadu Cricket Association: “In last year’s IPL semi finals between CSK and Mumbai Indians, Sachin got hurt and many thought he wouldn’t play. But, he was there even for the nets, guiding and coordinating the juniors. Of all the matches that Sachin played, I personally like the England ODI in NatWest trophy four years ago when he scored 75 runs. Also, in the world cup match with Pakistan, he scored 85 runs.”

M.K. Raja, wicket keeper with Majestic Toddlers Cricket Club: “One of the reasons for Sachin’s long standing career is his down-to-earth attitude. I can never forget Sachin’s performance in World Cup match against Pakistan. He nullified all counter attacks and changed the complexion of the match within 20 overs. He was one player who lived for cricket and played for the country.”


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