Daring stunts, explosions and free falls… The stunt show The Mask Of Zorro at VGP Universal Kingdom packs in quite a punch

Having been around during the Eighties, the VGP Golden Beach was one of the first theme parks in the city. The management has, over the years, come up with innovations to surprise the visitors with. One of these is the live stunt show, now a regular feature at the theme park. “I try to bring interesting rides and shows that I see when I visit theme parks around the world,” says VGP Ravidas, the managing director of VGP Universal Kingdom.

A new take

The newest stunt show for the summer is The Mask Of Zorro, put together by veteran Hollwyood stuntman Robert Keith, who has worked with the likes of Clint Eastwood. A comedic reworking of Antonio Banderas’ film of the same name, it includes daring stunts such as sliding on a rope from dangerous heights, TNT explosions, and fire balls… There are also the usual — the fall from the top of the tower and sword fights, performed with precision.

“We have tried to inject a bit of comedy into the show, which otherwise has a lot of daring stunts,” says Robert, who has directed the show that runs approximately for 25 minutes. The stuntmen and stuntwomen hail from different parts of the U.S.

I watched one of the shows, and clearly, the crowd enjoyed the drama, the frenzy; they cheered for every move, every fall and every sword fight.

“The crowd here is warm and appreciative. We like the people here a lot,” says stuntwoman Jessica, the heroine of the show. So much that the stuntmen ceded to the crowd’s specific requests to perform certain stunts even after the show got over! “They don’t get to see a stunt show every day, right,” says one of them who didn’t mind falling on to a bed from a height of 20 mt twice over.

(The show is on at VGP Universal Kingdom until June 2)