Thanks to FIFA, there is footie everywhere from fashion to food, and yes on the ground too

It’s that time of the year when everyone is glued to the TV set, irrespective of whether they are true blue football fans or even know the basic rules of the game. The 2014 FIFA World Cup has kicked off in style, sartorially and food wise. Stylist and fashion blogger, Pranita Mehta, says: “Real football fans don’t fall for fast fashion. They’d rather invest in memorabilia. Men choose to invest in bags with their team’s flag, or change phone covers/skins and key chains with a football theme. Wearing jerseys with the number of one’s favourite player printed on the back is yet another common sight. Girls too are getting involved in their own way. Loose team jerseys or cropped tees over skinny jeans paired with sport shoes are common.”

“With the World Cup being held in Brazil, style statements are loud and vibrant. FIFA 2014 has highly influenced the beauty world and the maximum impact has been on the nail trends. You can see nail art varying from the countries’ flags and flag colours to soccer balls and other football art,” Naina Ruhail, a makeup artist and blogger observes.

She adds: “FIFA inspired makeup too is in vogue. Drawing from the Brazilian flag, yellow and green eye makeup has been recently doing the rounds and it's a favourite even among many of my clients. As far as hair is concerned, the best way to show support for your favourite team is by adding a hint of colour to it.”

According to Nisha Xavier, a hairstylist, “Braids are always fashionable when it’s a sporty look you’re aiming for and football fans are incorporating ribbons and slides in their favourite team’s colours into that look. The headband and scarf (folded a few times over) seem to have made a comeback in the form of country flags and are especially popular among college goers. Another sporty chic look that is trending globally is the wet hairdo. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have inspired many.”

With friends and family getting together to catch the matches, the FIFA effect seems to have percolated the food and beverage scene at house parties too. Joonie Tan, pastry artist at Lavonne Academy of Baking Science, says: “Ever since the World Cup started, orders have been coming in for football themed baked goodies. 2D and 3D figurines as cake toppers of favourite players, country flags and soccer balls are most sought after. So are FIFA themed cupcakes and cake pops.”

She informs: “Our diploma students recently held a mega bake sale, the theme for which was ‘Pick your Team’. They had made almost 800 breads and desserts, unique to the countries participating in FIFA 2014. So while there were baguettes from France and Jam Tarts from England, there was also a stall where customers could ice their cupcakes in their team’s colours. Colour coded macarons were also a hit.”

For those who want to indulge but not splurge, making football shaped cake pops is rather simple. So is the case with cookies. From jerseys and flags, there are various ways to decorate cookies and freely available online tutorials simplify one’s efforts.

Ashish Kumar, a student of hotel management says: “I’ve just finished a short course in bartending and have learnt to make some great mocktails and cocktails. Since we have a home theatre system, all my friends come over to my place to watch the matches and before they start, I churn up drinks in colours of the country playing that day which we’re supporting. It’s fun and it also gives me a chance to practice what I’ve learnt. The same also applies to the various dips I make for finger food like nachos, French fries and chips. My sister who is also a football freak colour codes the dips and the sauces.”

It sure looks like the football frenzy is only going to get crazier as the days go by and the crucial matches arrive. And the fact that they can’t be there to catch the action live doesn’t perturb hardcore or pseudo fans because there are a gazillion ways like these to enjoy the spirit of the game!