The spicy Asian noodle soup doubles up as a snack and a wholesome meal

This spicy noodle soup is an everyday dish in many parts of Southeast Asia. Sold in carts, make-shift shops in every nook and corner of the city, there are several versions of the dish available. One can also make it sweet, spicy and salty according to one’s liking and can choose between meat, prawns, fish or chicken. The beauty of the dish is that it can be made any which way you want to. Here the chef adds to its nutritional value by adding to it lot of greens.

Laksa soup with chicken breast, egg noodles & Asian green


Chicken breast with bone and skin (cleaned) 4 no

Egg noodles (blanched) 200 gms

Asparagus (trimmed and blanched and tie with spring onion) 4 bundle (4 pieces each)

Pok choy (trimmed and blanched) 2 head (1/2 for each)

Cooking oil 2 tbs

Light soya sauce 2 tbs

Laksa paste 4 tbs

Garlic chopped 1 tbs

Coconut cream 480 ml (1 can)

Salt to taste

White pepper powder to taste

Chicken stock 200 ml


Marinate chicken breast with salt, pepper, soya sauce and oil. Keep in fridge for half an hour. Make laksa soup by mixing paste along with coconut cream and chicken stock, consistency should be like thin soup. Grill chicken breast and cook it until fully done.

Toss noodles and green vegetable garlic in separate pan.

To assemble

Pour one ladle soup in 4 hot bowls, then place tossed egg noodle in middle of the plates. Arrange chicken breasts on top of noodles with green on side as shown in picture. Serve hot.