‘Exposure’, the first exhibition of photographs organised by Clicker's Hub, threw light on the young talents in the field

The city's first ever forum for photography-lovers, Clicker's Hub, clicked with photographers and viewers in the city! Its novel concept of street photography exhibition, ‘Exposure,' on the Museum grounds attracted a number of curious visitors.

The exhibition displayed photographs on subtle and vivid larger-than-life themes, colourful shots of culture and people, as well as the all time hot-choices, kids and nature. Images shot by 30 photographers gave the visitors a glimpse of promising talents from the city, set out to travel a road less travelled.

Inspired by a similar event that was held at the Cochin Marine Drive last December, by the photography lovers' group, ‘viewfinders,' the organisers of Exposure –Ananthu Ganesh and Bittu George – decided to create their own space in the city, thus giving shape to the Clicker's Hub.

Through social networks like Facebook, they managed to bring in the few good people passionate about photography, to share their clicks with the rest of the world – street exhibition being a good way to reach out to people. And the idea was a hit, the exhibition pulled in all sorts of visitors, including senior professionals, families, tourists and youngsters, thanks to the location.

Entries from all over Kerala

The compilation of photographs selected from over 80 entries that were sent from in and around Kerala was much appreciated and admired. What made it significant were amateur photo-enthusiasts sharing the same platform with professionals such as Jayesh Mohan, Manu Manohar, as well as the fact that only two women photographers, Zalma Jalal and Archa Satheesh were a part of the Hub's stint. It doesn't end here though – the Clicker's Hub is planning to go big and organise larger events in near future, all set to create its own mark in the city.

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