Director Ameer and ‘Jeyam' Ravi join hands for “Aadhibhagavan”

Director Ameer has teamed up with “Jeyam” Ravi for “Aadhibhagavan”, produced by politician J. Anbazhagan.

Ravi said it was his desire to work with Ameer as he “values his work”.

“I am a fan of Yuvan Shankar Raja, and lyricist Snehan is also part of the team.”

Ameer said the film, his first with an outside producer, was an opportunity to showcase Ravi differently.

The film is said to be a “love story with a difference, dealing with obsessive or blind love”.

How did the duo team up? Says Ameer: “Both Ravi and I have been talking about doing a film for nearly two years. Things finally fell in place.”

But, was he not planning a project called “Kannabiran”? “Yes, but Ravi wanted to do a quickie, and so, I've decided to shelve ‘Kannabiran' for a year,” adds Ameer.

Changing genres

Can viewers expect another “Paruthiveeran”?

“See, ‘Paruthiveeran' was a commercial film, but as it won so many awards in festival in the country and abroad, people branded me a ‘festival' director. The same was the case with ‘Raam'. I want to do a commercial film, and that's what ‘Aadhibhagavan' is all about. But, it will have my touch.”

So, will he head to Madurai for this film too?

“No. This is a city-based subject, and I've decided to stick to Chennai and other places, and not go to Madurai for another couple of years,” smiles Ameer.

The film's heroine is yet to be decided.

“It can be Priyamani or a new face,” informs Ameer.

Also, Ameer the actor takes the backseat in this film — “I'm not going to show my face even in a frame”.