The all-day diner Le Cristaal offers a Mediterranean-style delicatessen experience in the city

It is Saturday afternoon and Le Cristaal is buzzing with lovely ladies catching up and families spending quality time over a leisurely lunch.

You can dine al fresco and watch the beautiful people walk by on the up-scale Vittal Mallya Road or dine indoors taking in the quirky décor with its lamps painted into the distressed walls (for effect).

There is a gourmet store as well offering all sorts of breads, meats, wines and cheeses. The bar with signature foam-based cocktails makes for an interesting watering hole. Le Cristaal takes its all day dining seriously with a range of breakfast and high-tea options.

Since we are here for lunch we start with the Caesar salad and a goat cheese and mushroom tart for a starter. The portions are not overwhelming and the pastry is light, flaky and delightfully crumbly. The honey mustard dressing is sharp and sweet and complements the tart perfectly.

Next up is basic instinct (unfortunately not served by Ms Stone). A margherita with basil and tomatoes, the pizza is exquisite thin crust, satisfying all deep-rooted cheese longings. And you can take a wedge if you are not up to eating a whole pizza.

And if that much cheese wasn’t enough, the penne pesto was one more glorious option. The boozy chocolate cake was all round brilliant dessert — hot, sticky, and sweet.

For a perfect afternoon out head for Le Cristaal at 36, Vittal Mallya Road. It is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Call 41462747/41482747

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