A peek into Tinkle’s new collectors’ edition comic Butterfingers -2

This one is for all those who love the antics of clumsy, klutz of a school boy Amar Sen a.k.a. Butterfingers. After Ooops…It’s Butterfingers, Tinkle has now come out with another stand alone comic, a collector’s edition that illustrates Butterfingers at his bumbling best.

Butterfingers -2 (Butterfingers Goes Bonkers), based on select stories by city-based author Khyrunnisa A., has been published as part of Tinkle’s ‘Tall Tales’ series. This series features stand alone editions of the comic’s favourite strips and characters such as Suppandi, Kalia, Shikari Shambu, Defective Detectives, Tantri the Mantri and Nasruddin Hodja.

Nine of Butterfinger’s best escapades have been included in Butterfingers –2, each equally hilarious. It’s difficult to choose a favourite but ‘Butterfingers at the Athletics Meet’, which caricatures Butter’s attempts to win a race, unwarrantedly aided by the dog, Black Beauty, and Butter’s itchy encounter with a caterpillar, is sure to set readers laughing out loud.

Other loveable characters such as Principal Jagmohan and Mr. and Mrs. Sen too make their appearance in this edition. Apart from the strips, Tinkle has added some extra features in the edition such as a Check Your B.Q., a pop quiz on Butter’s mannerisms, a feature on dyspraxia, a developmental coordination disorder, and an uproariously funny take on ‘How to Butter-proof your home.’ Apparently coating all the floors of your house with rubber works!

“I’m very happy to see the new collector’s edition. It’s always interesting for readers to see different versions of the stories in variety formats,” says Khyrunnisa. The illustrations for the comic have been done by Abhijeet Kini. Rajani Thindath is the editor. To buy Butterfingers- 2 online log on to www. amarchitrakatha.com The comic is priced Rs. 125.