Showcasing a variety of products in jute

At the National Jute Board’s Jute Festival, the loud drumming attracts a curious crowd. Students of the Academy of Fashion and Textile Techology wearing jute jewellery, holding jute folders, curtains, bags, belts and so on, are going around the exhibition, bringing out the variety and colour that it offers. This fashion show is part of a festival to promote jute and its eco-friendly properties.

The complex near Valluvar Kottam is teeming with buyers looking at the many bags, clutches, pouches, home décor and footwear. A Theme Pavilion is right up-front, comparing jute, paper and plastic, and has samples on what can be done with jute.

About 35 stalls selling chains, key-chains, bags, table mats, gift boxes, mirrors, portraits, clocks and more are a part of this festival. “Jute is rather attractive to work with, and we’re sure the customers will love the variety,” says T. Ayyappan, market promotion officer, National Jute Board. “We have designer bags, export quality products, chocolate bags and thaamboolam bags, along with the rest. We’ve also brought out the effects of plastic and why jute is important.”

Go chic

Chic Crafts has a range of pen stands, storage spaces, paintings and designer mirrors. Jute Pragyna, Bags and Bags, Roja SHG, ESAF (Thrissur), and few others offer shopping bags, pouches, laptop bags, gift boxes, files, office bags, sling bags and more.

There are a few stalls that sell cotton and jute rugs, carpets, handmade mats, which are priced from Rs. 95. Suvra Handicrafts has a range of jute hammocks, dolls, portraits, coasters, curtains and so on. The hammocks are priced between Rs. 1,150 and Rs. 1,250. Reliance Handlooms has carpets and rugs between Rs. 80 and Rs. 3,500.

Lotus Jutework has card holders, bags, folders, coasters, lunch bags, and the TN Corporation for Development of Women has cell phone pouches, table mats, folders and thorans, among others. Car hangings at the Chennai Women’s Group stall are priced at Rs. 20 while thorans for home come at Rs. 100.

Favourites has jute cups and trays, and S.B. Jute Handicrafts has washable jute footwear priced between Rs. 150 and Rs. 250. Anakaputtur Jute Weaver’s Association has jute and silk saris in the range Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 3,500, while Jute Emporium, Dharti and Srujana Banglore have Kenyan clocks, Warli clocks and portraits and other artefacts.

Ghosh Jute Emporium and a couple of other stalls also have jute jewellery and key-chains.

(The exhibition is on at Annai Therasa Mahalir Complex, near Valluvar Kottam till December 9)