Super Mimics troupe is back on stage after 20 years. Catch them live today at Nishagandhi auditorium

It promises to be one jolly good ride, something which the city has been waiting for. Super Mimics, the state’s first mimics parade troupe, is hosting a live show after 20 years at Nishagandhi auditorium today. On stage will be filmmaker T.K. Rajeevkumar, wildlife photographer Balan Madhavan, playback singer G. Sreeram, dubbing artiste and a bank employee G.R. Nandakumar and KSFE employee C. Gopalakrishnan.

They were all mimicry artistes and winners of various awards and prizes in monoact between 1977 to 1982. Except Rajeev, all the others studied at Model Boys High School. They became thick friends while studying at Arts College. Though Nandakumar studied at MG College, he joined the group whenever there was an opportunity.

It was in the early 80s that they launched Super Mimics. The concept of mimics parade was introduced to the people of Kerala by Kalabhavan, Kochi, and Super Mimics.

For over a decade they held progammes across Kerala, winning scores of fans. The troupe was well known for its ‘music concerts’, imitating various musical instruments.

By early 90s each of them went into various other professions and their last programme was at Tagore Theatre.

The fivesome is back with new acts up their sleeve. The programme is part of the New Year event organised by All India Radio, Thiruvananthapuram. Time: 6 p.m.