An easy-to-make healthy salad recipe straight from the Myanmar kitchen

Apart from khao suey, very little is known about Burmese dishes in this part of the world.

So here is your chance to not just get a peek into your neighbouring country but also an easy and healthy recipe that you can whip up at short notice.

If not willing to sully your hands, you can still enjoy it at The Yum Yum Tree in New Delhi’s New Friends Colony as part of its special menu for Friendship Day this Sunday.

Burmese Tomato Salad

250 grams tomatoes, diced

25 grams peanuts, roasted

15 grams mint leaves, shredded

10 grams basil leaves, shredded

15 grams chopped garlic, roasted

15 grams spring onion leaves, coarsely chopped

25 grams coriander leaves

For dressing

20 grams elephant garlic, chopped

30 grams lemon juice

20 grams fish sauce

10 grams red chillies, chopped

10 grams water

3 kafir lime leaves, chopped

15 grams breakfast sugar


Mix all the dressing ingredients and leave them aside.

Mix all the salad ingredients. Combine the dressing and the salad.

Toss and serve.

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