At the recently-launched Yummy Doughnuts, you'll be spoilt for choice

Doughnuts are more or less a universal favourite. Barack Obama likes them, Homer Simpson binges on them and my friends and I snack on them. Since there aren't enough doughnut places in Chennai, we find ourselves walking in through the balloon-decorated glass door of Yummy Doughnuts, as soon as it launches. We arrive with a bang, quite literally, because as we enter two balloons decide to pop. Probably an indication of what might happen if too many doughnuts are gorged on. One look at the doughnut-laden counter and all such warnings are lost, perhaps under the many layers of colourful gooey icing. Yummy Doughnuts has around 85 varieties — there's Dark peanut, Lemon Mint, Raspberry, Swiss chocolate, Fusion berry, Triple cocoa, Jam filled and in such pretty shades: pink, yellow, white, brown, stripes...ah, decisions!

The helpful waiters suggest Alien, their signature dish, and I pick the Cinnamon Sugar one. My friend doesn't mind what flavour it is as long as it's a doughnut. Here from the U.S on a holiday, he claims he's already homesick. Hoping doughnuts may make him feel at home, I drag him to this place. “No Dunkin' Donuts?” he asks grumpily.He eyes the Cinnamon doughnut as it lands on our table. It feels fresh out of the oven — warm, soft, delicately dusted with cinnamon and sugar and smells great. Not blatantly sweet; just right.

Cinnabon addicts, this could well be your stop-gap solution for your Cinnabon cravings. The Alien on the other hand is for the chocoholic. It comes with a heavy layer of chocolate on top and a gooey filling of dark chocolate inside. My friendtucks into it with a knife and fork causing all the liquid chocolate to ooze out.

Thanks to him there's more chocolate on the plate than inside the doughnut. Trust me; it makes more sense to bite into what if it's a little messy.

Going by what most people on the other tables are ordering, we settle for a chilly cheese sandwich and tossed pasta salad. It's a good thing that the folks at Yummy Doughnuts are generous with their ingredients. The cheese spewing sandwich is mildly spicy and delicious. The toss pasta salad makes a rather delayed arrival. Perhaps it was busy getting ready for a stage performance.

It's white, doused in cream and mayonnaise and looks like it's about to get on stage and perform a mime act. To wash it all down, we get a refreshing lime mint mojito and a cardamom tea which, unfortunately, is just tea bag chai to which you add milk and sugar.

Considering it's a doughnut place Yummy Doughnuts does a fairly decent job experimenting with a whole lot of flavours. That's probably why after everything has been polished off the plate my friend sits back, smiles and announces he feels close to home now.

Yummy Doughnuts is at Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam.

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Priyadarshini PaitandyJune 28, 2012