Grabbing eyeballs as you walk in to State Art Gallery is ace artist Y. Balaiah and his three Telangana women. Artist Balaiah is popular for depicting the Telangana landscape and the lifestyle followed by the people living there. Adorned with big, red vermilion on their foreheads, nose rings and bangles… the women are robust and have typical characteristics.

Making a statement on concentration is Sayyad Shaiek, an artist, who also works as an in charge at the gallery.

His work titled ‘Secret of concentration' depicts two young boys, one playing with a ball and the other playing with a tyre. “If one wants to be successful, one needs to be focussed and follow the path with concentration. If we do not concentrate, it is easy to lose track and fall in a pit,” says the artist. His other work is called ‘Reflections' and has a makeover story to tell. When his friend's sister lost her husband, he painted a widow looking longing at a flower vase. “The sketch received criticism so I had to do a bit of makeover and make her into a beautiful woman staring at the flowers,” smiles the artist.

Artist Bala Bhakta Raju and his ubiquitous Ganesha catch your attention so does Kishore Ghosh's landscape and a work on Anantgiri forest.

Rajendra Kumar's collage depicts the hustle bustle of a street and Kumaraswamy delves into the theme of women and nature.

The exhibition ends on August 23.

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