Charul and Vinay talk about their unique journey called ‘Anjali Yatra’

This couple is on a yatra of sorts and while they are at it, they are going to offer their anjali (tribute) to those affected by violence of any sort. Charul and Vinay from Ahmedabad are on an ‘Anjlai Yatra’ for 45 days and the couple will be travelling 10 states across the country and give 25 performances at various venues.

The purpose of Charul and Vinay’s nationwide tour is to remember and mourn the loss of lives and dignity, and to spread the hope that we have the essential humanity within us to change this scenario. As their famous song Aao lakeeren mita de urges everyone to join hands in unity.

Charul and Vinay are not Bollywood singers but people still listen to them with rapt attention. “That is because we sing about issues which we see in our day to day lives and about issues of peace and violence which affects us in some way or the other,” says Charul.

Their programmes aptly named ‘Insaan hai hum’ is about humanity and the love which is missing for each other. The seed for this ‘thought’ was however sown unconsciously during 1985 when they were students of IIM Ahmedabad, “that was the time when the riots broke. It affected all of us but those who lost their loved ones were affected most directly. This was the time when we got together and put a song together for a play that was being staged in the institute,” recollects Vinay. Charul used to sing unlike Vinay who sang and also wrote songs now and then.

After Vinay penned ‘Mandir Masjid Girjaghar Ne Baant Liya Bhagwan ko, Dharti Baanti Sagar Baanta, Mat Baanto Insaan ko’ for the play, to which Charul sang, they knew they could do more together and journey began.

The IIM graduates by choice and passion do research on livelihood issues of people dependent on natural environment. Based in Gujarat, the couples’ work take them to meet people with marginal access to livelihood and that in turn throws light on the plight of the people. Both Charul and Vinay however are not trained singers and sing purely out of passion. The couple feels song as a medium is easy to convey a message as it has a general appeal.

“We don’t use big words and talk about common things that can upset us,” adds Vinay who has written over 50 songs so far. The couple will perform today at5.30 p.m. at Telugu University Auditorium, Nampally. The programme is open to all and will be followed by an interactive discussion with the audience and invited speakers. 

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