A few children on their role models

Churthika. R. Seyyone

Class VII, Vidhya Niketan Public School

I admire Ruskin Bond for his writing style, which is easy to understand and fun at the same time. Granny’s Fabulous Kitchen, Henry: A Chameleon and School Days are some of my favourites. His writing is endearing to all age groups. I would like to be a poet or writer when I grow up. I have already contributed poems for my school magazine and pen down verses in my journal whenever I feel inspired.

Tanuj Jhabakh

Class IX, Suguna PIP School

My role model is Steve Jobs. He was a revolutionary thinker who came up with innovative ideas and concepts far before anybody else thought of them. The iPad, iPod and iPhone have changed the market, and become household gadgets, affordable for the middle class as well. Though I don’t plan to become a software engineer, I would like to be an architect and construct compact, low-cost buildings of good quality, following Jobs’ example.

M. Abbrinna

Class X, Alvernia MHSS

My role models are Kalpana Chawla and Suneeta Williams. Suneeta Williams inspires me for her determination from her childhood days. She has flown 30 different types of aircraft and is a record holder for staying the longest period of 195 days in space. Kalpana Chawla is the first Indian woman who joined NASA. Their confidence and achievements motivate me to go on a Space mission in the future.

Laya Niranjani Kumar

Class IX, Suguna PIP School

Must role models only be people who are famous? My amma is my inspiration when it comes to working hard. My appa controls his temper well and has taught me patience. My paatu maami Priya and piano teacher S. Umarani of Coimbatore Music School have taught me the art of never getting angry and being always willing to teach. My school teachers never give up on anyone; that’s a trait I wish to emulate. Thanks to all these people, I wish to grow into a socially-conscious individual who makes a difference to people’s lives. Professionally, I dream of becoming a psychologist, because then, my personal and professional goals will be the same — helping people.

M. Thareef Rahman

Class V, Perks MHSS

I want to become a sportsman, like basketball player Michael Jordan. As a child he faced many rejections and was not allowed to play basketball because he wasn’t tall. But he went on to become a part of two Olympic gold medal-winning American basketball teams.