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Updated: December 4, 2011 16:29 IST

For a Higher connect

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The mobile also has the usual features of digital camera, recorder and a provision for double sim, etc.
The Hindu The mobile also has the usual features of digital camera, recorder and a provision for double sim, etc.

Here comes a mobile with inbuilt Quran in 30 languages

In today's fast paced world when everybody is rushing to meet deadlines — real or imaginary, it is not always easy to connect with the Almighty. Beyond the world of spiritual gurus and devotional channels, here comes a mobile that helps you to maintain that higher connect even as you are on the move. Launched in New Delhi the other day by, Enmac Quran Mobile is probably the first of its kind in the segment it caters to.

The mobile is like a mini encyclopaedia of Islam. It contains the complete Quran in Arabic and its translations in 29 languages, including English, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali. However, what would be of great relevance for Indians, most of whom do not understand Arabic is a guide on the Hajj. Often Indian pilgrims are lost for direction when they go to Mecca and Medina. Now, they have help at hand with a Hajj guide in their mobile. Also there for the faithful whose forte does not necessarily lie in mathematics is a zakat calculator. Zakat is the poor due in Islam which is calculated at 2.5 per cent of savings. Often people use only a rough guide to hand over the zakat amount. Now, as a speaker recounted at the launch in the Capital, it may be possible to know the exact amount to be given away in charity.

Similarly, the mobile can be used by the devout who are, well, mobile. It has a built in qibla section which points the exact direction to be faced for the daily prayers at any place. Not to forget the tasbeeh – rosary – that one can use to count the name of God. Talking of God, there is a complete section with 99 names of Allah and elaborate volumes of Bukhari Sharif and Hadith, the sayings of the prophet.

The mobile has the usual features of digital camera, recorder and a provision for double sim, etc. However, for the faithful its value goes beyond the technical features. It lies in the prayer section and a fine recitation of the Holy Quran by Imam Sudais, the widely respected priest from Saudi Arabia.

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