Master Chef Eagle Wu at the helm, Ano Tai at Jaypee Vasant Continental brings to the table the true taste of China

While a new Chinese restaurant comes up in Delhi every other day, it’s rare to find one serving authentic Chinese cuisine. Delhiites, after all, love their ‘Chinjabi version; many are unaware of the extensive and ancient cuisine that extends far beyond the chowmein and Manchurian that are ordered so often.

For someone wanting to try authentic Chinese, Ano Tai, the dedicated restaurant for Chinese cuisine at Jaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar, is a good place to head to. While the restaurant has a never-ending menu, Master Chef Eagle Wu, winner of several accolades, makes my job easier with a special chef’s table menu.

With chef Wu being a master in Sichuan and Hunan styles, I expect my food to be spicy. I’m proven right soon enough with the taste of the first dish, stir-fried chicken with fresh chilli. While the small chunks of fried chicken are juicy enough, the chill overpowers — the first bite sends me reaching out for the mocktail. A thin, crispy coating comes on the tender prawns that comprise the prawn basket. Sichuan mahla potato is the only dish that’s just passable; I find the potatoes bland and soggy, flavourless even when sprinkled with spices. On the other hand, crispy mushrooms are a delight.

After I’m through with the starters, the waiter comes and clears the table, lifting the lid in the centre to turn it into a live cooking station. The chef’s special Chongqing Hot Pot arrives. A big vessel with a partition with two stocks in it is placed on the hot plate and within minutes it starts boiling. The chef puts in some sliced lamb and chicken wraps into the stock and within seconds they are ready to eat. I’m handled a ladle to take the meat out. After the hot pot, I turn to twice-cooked lamb and fish with pickled red chilli and steamed rice. Even the claypot tofu is worth a try.

In the end, crispy honey noodles with ice-cream cool down the spice.

Meal for two: Rs. 3,000

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