A new service to order food online, from city hotels, is available at www. yummybay.com

Hungry? Go online, log on to www.yummybay.com, choose a restaurant /take away in a place near your area, take a look at the menu, ‘shop' or place your order and voila…food (either delivered at your doorstep or for you to ‘pick' up)…that's how easy eating out has become.

A concept which is popular elsewhere in the country and the world is now catching up in Kerala all thanks to the ‘yummy' website. Ketty Cherian of Amicitia Food Mart Pvt. Ltd is the man behind getting the idea to Kerala. Having lived in the United Kingdom , he was rather used to the idea of ordering online, and carried the idea home.. Ketty and his team have tie-ups with many city hotels, which give those logging in options aplenty.

The advantages of ordering food this way are many, at the most basic level you needn't scan the telephone directory for phone numbers, then takeaways etc, you don't have to hunt for flyers (inevitably misplaced) when you want to order food. There is every kind of information, that you need while choosing your eating-out option.

There is a shopping cart as with other online shopping sites. You can fill your cart and as you confirm your order, you will get an SMS from the hotel seeking confirmation. “At present, our call centre also confirms the order with restaurant and does a follow up,” says Ketty. A first-time user just needs to register and from there the website takes over. Choose your location, and out pop the options, you can specify the cuisine depending on the options available. The menu, take-away options, pricing – it's all there. You can even book your table online. Now that you have ordered your food, you can either pay online or pay on delivery or when you pick up the food.

For those who are not too Net or tech savvy, you needn't fret. This website will not intimidate you at all. It is straightforward and simple, in fact there is step-by-step instruction to guide you through its working. Once an order (a menu) has been placed, it is stored in the database. In case you want to place a similar or same order, you can retrieve it and just click submit to place the order again. If you are looking for a resort or a caterer, you can shop for them too. Look at your options, study them in-depth and then choose.

Ketty and his team have managed to rope in restaurants, bakeries, resorts, caterers etc across the length and breadth of Kerala from Thiruvananthapuram to Calicut. Encouraged by the response to his website, Ketty now plans to launch the website in Bangalore too.

Save Future Orders: If you are planning to place an order in the future, place it and forget it. Yummybay will make sure it is processed on the date and time that you have specified.

Favourite restaurants: Now with ‘add to favorites', you can add your favorite

restaurants to place orders instantly.

Customized Search: Using ‘filter search', now you can search by cuisines, discounts, deliveries and takeaways.

Loyalty Points: With every order customer receives loyalty points that can be later redeemed for exciting gifts.