Creativity is not defined by rules, but the heart, says Phil Gallaghar. Catch up with him on the new series of his popular activity show on Discovery Kids

For somebody who started out as a sports reporter and presenter on BBC Radio Kent, Phil Gallaghar has a rather unusual title. He is known as Mister Maker, a tribute to his ability to skilfully fold, paste and create artefacts.

Gallagher does not regret the switch from sports presenter to maker of quirky artefacts. He thinks he has the best job on earth.

“I love making things. Mister Maker, the show, started in 2007. And even after all these years it feels like it just started yesterday. It's amazing how much the show has grown...I love my job,” he announces delighted. But seven years on, it must be a challenge to come up with new techniques and new projects for every episode.

“It is an incredible challenge but we have a wonderful team. We sit together and come up with various ideas. I write the script before the show.”

It’s a fast-paced, colourful and creative television show that aims to encourage youngsters; Phil hopes the kids continue with it, as he believes it goes a long way in increasing their creativity.

Phil has been travelling around the world for his show Mister Maker Around The World, where he puts together art pieces made of clay, cardboards, coloured papers and even some waste materials.

After a tour of the United Kingdom, he is heading to other places, including Cape Town, Rio and Sydney. He is excited about the prospect of meeting different people.

Of course, you must feel awesome, when you are a hit with the kids and they attribute every little creation of theirs to you.

Phil laughs, “When the programme took off, it was targeted at children aged six. Soon, we realised it appealed to children of all ages, parents and grandparents as well.”

The show has a following across continents and the master craftsman believes it is because the love of creativity is universal and transcends age groups.

He gives me the same advice he has given millions of his viewers, “Just have a go. Be creative and be proud of what you create.”

Mister Maker Around The World airs Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. on Discovery Kids.