Try these moves to develop a strong back


Place a bench between a crossover machine.

Attach a D-handle to each of the high pulleys.

Sit on the bench slightly behind the plane of the machine.

Hold the right handle with your left hand and the left handle with your right, as shown in the picture.

Pull the handles down and back.

Squeeze the back hard for a couple of seconds and return to the start position.

Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.


Extremely heavy weights.

Straining the lower back, neck and trapezius.

Jerky movements.

Muscles targeted

Trains the back with maximum emphasis on the midback.

Also hits the teres major, teres minor muscles in the back.

Who benefits

Those who wish to develop the muscularity of the back.


Incline dumbbell side curlOctober 25, 2012