His film roles and time availability determine Ali Fazal’s fitness regime

For Ali Fazal, there is no one way of staying fit and healthy. It can be a combination of gymming, yoga and sports depending on one’s works schedule and preferences. The upcoming actor feels, it also depends on the role one is preparing for. “It is all in the script of the film. If the script demands a certain type of look then one has to design his/her workout accordingly,”says Ali who has featured in films like Fukrey and Hollywood production Fast and Furious -7. He is now being seen in Baat Bann Gayi.

The actor took voice modulation training for portraying the character of Rasiya Bihari in Baat Bann Gayi. “It was not easy to play a Bihari character because my original voice tone is quite different from this character and to fit into this role, I had to attend a workshop and work to get the tone right.”

The actor follows a very basic regular diet and believes meals should be taken on time.

Even though he finds yoga an effective agent in maintaining mental equilibrium, he prefers gymming and functional training.

“I don’t even go to gym that regularly. Besides that I follow functional training which helps me a lot in maintaining my overall fitness. When I remain in Mumbai I follow my fitness routine but whenever I go out for shooting, I have to forego my health routine,” he reveals.

A great supporter of sports, he recommends playing basketball and hockey for health. “Because they are considered among the most tiring sports which take lots of energy but will work on the player’s muscles and mental stamina”.