Outdoor sports and daily exercise keep actor Dino Morea healthy

“Playing a sport is like meditation to me. It calms me down,” says Dino Morea as he talks about how a large part of being fit and healthy is also being stress-free. The actor who made an appearance at Channel V India’s Nokia IndiaFest 2014 in Goa last week as judge for Campus Stud recalls that he was quite the would-be stud himself back in college, quite like the young boys he interacted with at the event.

The fitness bug seems to have bitten Dino around then too and his travels across Europe over the years, he points out, have shown him one thing sadly absent from our own country: “In many countries abroad, you’ll see people so into health and fitness and they even have facilities for fitness on the roadside!” It follows then that on a jog one morning when, as he puts it himself, he found nothing else to do but jog, it occurred to him that Mumbai should have some of these facilities too. The actor has since then set up two free fitness stations, one each at Worli Seaface and Shivaji Park, equipped with free facilities for any passer by who wants to be fit and could make use of some space and motivation to exercise.

“Not many can go to the gym on a regular basis, so we’re putting these stations along their daily way so that they can exercise when they go for a walk or a jog. You can do about 75-100 of the basic exercises even a trainer will make you do if you go to a gym, before any hardcore training,” he says and adds that for him, an outdoor sport would beat the gym hollow when it comes to exercise. It isn’t a surprise then that he has had a fitness station installed in his garden for his fitness routine every day, and that he visits the gym only occasionally for strength training – strength being an essential requirement for playing sports regularly.

“I play football twice a week and basketball twice a week,” Dino reveals and believes that outdoor activities coupled with a watch on what one eats and drinking lots of water can make for a perfectly good health regimen for anyone.

“Watching movies is another thing you can add to these, they always help me relax,” signs off the actor who might be seen producing two films along with acting in one this year.