When we define fitness can we limit it to the physical realm? The answer is ‘no’. There are people who may not have their bodies in shape but they enjoy a healthy state of being. Ali Asgar is one of them. His fitness can be gauged from his enthusiasm. Laughing everyday to keep the doctor away is his fitness mantra. Essaying the role of a very naughty ‘dadi’ in Comedy Nights with Kapil, he attributes a healthy dose of humour to his good health. Describing fitness as a state of mind he says, “You have to keep your mind cool, calm and content. Whatever the mind signals, we react accordingly to that. Once you control your mind then everything falls into place.” Ali Asgar is a successful TV and film actor who has been part of the industry for many decades now. Ali, who has to his credit TV shows like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Comedy Circus and films like Partner and Tees Mar Khan, feels that most of us, tend to focus on external measures like exercising and dieting to achieve fitness and ignore the fact that health is a holistic affair which needs a equally health mind as well. “Laughing and engaging in light-hearted activities contributes to wellness in a great way. They are essential for a healthy body. It’s all about mind and body,” the actor adds.

Ali finds Akshay Kumar the fittest in the industry. When asked about fitness being measured in six pack abs he says, “There was a trend of muscular bodies like that of Sunny Deol’s, Sunil Shetty’s but I think ultimately it all comes down to being healthy.”