Dedication and sincerity form an important part of Varun Dhawan’s fitness regime

“There have been times when I have been able to transform my body within 10 days,” claims Varun Dhawan of Student of the Year fame. Possessing a lean and fit body, who could be better than Varun Dhawan to launch Pumpstart, a fitness awareness campaign!

Attributing his fitness to a strict working out routine and training in martial arts, he also underlines the significance of surya namaskaar.

Varun will be sporting a bulkier look in his next movie where again he will be seen playing a college boy. He has gained few pounds for the same while striving to look athletic at the same time which was “very difficult to achieve”, says Varun.

A strict routine

With his trainer putting him under tight shifts and bringing frequent changes to his routine, Varun invests a lot of time and effort on his health. “There are times when I do excessive workouts as my trainer (Prashant) works very hard with me,” says the young actor whose working out routine consists of weight training mixed with cardiovascular exercises and some workout on PRX machine accompanied by some free hand exercises.

Varun is comfortable with frequent weight gain and loss if the character demands it and mentions that it’s a prerequisite for any film. A fitness freak, whose washboard abs are a proof of this fact. But on the other hand, whenever he can, he indulges himself. “There are days when I have 2-3 pizzas stuffed with cheese and cakes and ice creams.”

Dedication and sincerity are the core elements of his fitness regimen. “People usually struggle because of the lack of will and boredom but that’s not the case with me”. He suggests engaging oneself in entertaining activities that contribute to fitness as well, like sports and dancing so that it doesn’t look like a work out, rather a fun activity.