Try these moves and build impressive triceps


Attach a rope handle to the floor level pulley of a cable machine.

Kneel down or sit facing away from the machine and grab the handle as shown in the picture.

Keeping your upper arms close to your ears, raise the handle to full extension above your head.

Even as you near the point of full extension, turn your palms outwards as demonstrated.

Squeeze your triceps hard at this finish position for a second and return to the start position.

Muscles targeted

It trains the short head, long head and medial head of the triceps muscle.


Short, jerky movements.

Forceful locking of elbows at the top.

Rocking the body.

Allowing upper arms to move away from the head.

Rounding the back.

Who benefits

Improves the shape of your triceps.

Helps sportspersons who have to raise their hands overhead while playing.

Benefits martial artists and gymnasts.