BMI and BMR are usually used to determine our weight status but, these days, body composition analysis (BCA) is being seen as a more accurate tool to detect overweight and obesity.

Boosting BMR

* Drink three to five litres of water a day, which amounts to 12 to 15 glasses of water a day. This boosts metabolism, allows cellular reactions to take place at a healthy pace and aids elimination of waste from the body.

* Work on your breath. Breathing techniques such as yoga and meditation regularise metabolism and bodily functions.

* Don’t sit for more than an hour at a stretch. Every now and then, go for a small walk or do a few stretches.

* Exercise regularly. It increases BMR through the day. About half-an-hour of walking or 15 minutes of jogging every morning and evening is a good idea. This might seem tough initially, but within 50 to 60 days, our body gets used to the regimen, and it becomes very easy to follow. Begin with a few minutes and increase the exercise time as you go along. You might also try the walk-jog-walk method.

* Green tea. Antioxidants in green tea boost metabolism.