Young musician Aditya Jassi says one doesn’t need a reason to be fit

Ask city boy Aditya Jassi about his fitness mantra and he is all perked up. The young musician is quick to attribute his fitness to sports. He says, “I play a lot of sports. I am a big squash fan; I’ve played nationals in cricket, in tennis, in hockey but then all those were again under-15, under-16. I still play tennis and I love to swim.”

Aditya, also a licensed pilot, has just launched his first music album with Universal Music but has been pursuing music for the last 16 years. After finishing in the top 10 rankings in a television reality show Fame X, the pilot changed the course of his flight towards the entertainment industry as a fulltime profession. Aditya recalls that his band Oritus was awarded the Album of the Year at the first ever Jack Daniels Rock Awards in 2007 and his song ‘Many a Mile’ was featured in the Rolling Stone magazine.

Work goes side by side with workout at the gym. He states, “I do my regular gym workout but because I have a very high metabolism I workout not to lose weight but to keep my weight. I do regular weights; I have 3 reps which keep increasing. I start off with the heaviest weights, do 15 steps, and then keep on increasing the steps as I near the end.”

In addition, he stays away from any activity that can deteriorate his health. “I say one should eat light and healthy. I don’t smoke.”

The performer signs off saying, “Staying fit is a necessity for all times in life, not just to be on stage, one should always be presentable. It is not that musicians are subject to only their physical appearance. The audience who hears a music track from a CD does not get to know if the singer is fit or not. But being fit is something which does not need a reason; it is the key to a healthy living.”


More than just weight lossJune 15, 2013