TRAINING ROOM Build impressive triceps with these moves


Lie facedown on an incline bench with the chest and body firmly against the pad.

Hold the short handle of an overhead pulley at chest height, with palms up.

Keep the fingers gripped around the handle.

With the elbows fixed, straighten the arm until it is locked out at the bottom.

Squeeze the triceps hard for a second and return to the start position.


Moving or flaring out the elbows.

Flexing the wrist while exercising.

Bouncing action.

Excessive weights as this is not a mass building movement.

Muscles targeted

Works the lateral head and medial head of the triceps muscle.

Helps to develop a horseshoe shape.

Who benefits

Any person who wants to tighten or sculpt the arm.

Sportsmen such as weightlifters, power-lifters, gymnasts, martial artists, swimmers, basketball, tennis and shot-put players.