Femina Miss World India Navneet Kaur Dhillon found her calling in pilates

“Workout and yoga are too mainstream and boring,” says Navneet Kaur Dhillon, who flaunts a waist less than 24 inches, and credits pilates, swimming and meditation for her overall fitness.

“I have tried my hand on workout, yoga and many other exercises but ultimately found pilates as the most interesting and beneficial form of exercise,” adds the holder of the Femina Miss World India 2013 crown. She has a rather interesting way of avoiding cravings. Surprisingly she eats whatever she wants and whenever, to avoid cravings but at the same time refrains from fast food.

For Navneet, fitness is a holistic affair, which is not limited to wellness of body but also includes the mind. According to her, there’s no point in having a healthy body without a healthy mind and vice-versa.

Emphasising this fact, she says, “I make sure that I meditate at least half-an-hour daily as it is that one form of exercise which helps to restore balance and peace, thereby keeping many diseases at bay. When your body is healthy, it shows on your skin,” feels Navneet, who also walked away with the titles of Femina Miss Timeless Beauty and Femina Miss Glowing Skin. She suggests drinking lots of water to flush out the impurities and refraining from cosmetics for a perfect healthy and glowing skin.

As she defines fitness, she speaks against the notion of judging fitness on the basis of body structures. “There are various body types and one just can’t define fitness as being skinny.” She clarifies the myth about starving for fitness, saying, “There are people who starve to get into shape and indulge in wrong exercising methods. The first step towards fitness should be making peace with yourself, and only then you can achieve fitness.”

Stressing the importance of sports in one’s life, the beauty queen says “In my school days I used to participate in various extra-curricular activities like horse riding, and at present I have swimming as a part of my fitness regimen. I think swimming is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise that can help a person stay in shape.”