They dish out sinfully yummy fare for us but are very health conscious. With food on their mind all the time, chefs in the city love to workout

What happens when a chef ditches the ladle and jumps onto a stepper, lifts dumbbells, grabs the reins of a cross cable or gets running on a mud track? The answer could probably be: ‘they break the myth that chefs have to be fat or pot bellied.’ Surrounded by food of all sorts, it isn’t easy for chefs to stay away from food, especially when a craving hits them “Everything is at our disposal. Sometimes the sight of food might just tempt one and even chefs give in ,” admits a chef.

In reality however the show-kitchens these days are more compact and it’s certainly not the belly of the chef which gives his professional identity away anymore. We ask some popular chefs in the city how they keep fit despite the lure of the food they are surrounded with.

Run for health

Chef Chalapathi Rao alias ‘Biryani King’ is a regular at the KBR park, though few would recognise him without his chef’s coat. Chalapathi Rao walks, jogs and runs for an hour in the one kilometre stretch of the KBR park everyday without fail.

“It relaxes and energises me. I make it a point not miss my hour in the morning sun to absorb Vitamin D naturally. As a chef I can’t quite control what I taste everyday but a little workout definitely helps me in keeping my health parameters in good check,” he says. Chef Chalapathi Rao is the Corporate Chef with the Greenpark Hotels and resorts.

Stay healthy

Besides his steaks, chef Inam’s biceps and toned body are also talked about by his regular diners. Besides maintaining a body with a good workout regimen, Inam is someone who lives like a true health freak. Desserts tempt him, but he eats only what comes on the tip of the knife; for the rest of his meals he relies on a high protein diet coupled with veggies and protein shakes.

“Only food cannot give you the desired look, so I also workout regularly. I train at a gym in Marredpally and my trainer seems to be doing a great job with me. I do heavy weights and work on specific body parts. Since I live in Banjara Hills, it is not possible to travel to Marredpally everyday so I work out with him on three days of the week,” says Inam. Chef Inam owns the Steak House.

Lean mean look

Chef Kaushik Misra likes the lean mean look. “One will find me glued to the cardio machines; I spend an average of 40 minutes to an hour and I am ready to get rolling for the day in the kitchen.

As a chef in charge of an Italian speciality restaurant I am surrounded with all things sinful when it comes to food. I minimise the tasting portions and make sure I don’t go beyond what I am supposed to taste. I also do a detox once in a while to cleanse my system.

When I am not on the stepper or the treadmill, I do some breathing exercises. However, I am not into weights at all. Chef Kaushik Misra is Chef de Cuisine at Prego.

Love weights

Chef Rakesh Singh’s strong straight shoulders give away the fact that he works out. Ask him and his face beams as he elaborates, “How I wish my wife heard this. Yes, I do and I love the time I spend with weights at home and in the gym. I alter my workout hour between morning and evening and work on one body part everyday with some cardio exercises. Workouts help me feel good in the kitchen, they keep me charged and help me keepmy mind fresh. I totally believe in the saying ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’.

Rakesh says he got bored with the fad diets he tried and then focussed on a healthy meal with a good workout pattern.

Chef Rakesh Singh Anand is the executive sous chef at Westin.