Spa Treatments at the Sohum spa are almost a spiritual experience

The words Sohum mean something quite profound in Sanskrit, answering the ageless quest of the man who seeks to know, “Who Am I”. And so when I was booked on a visit to the Sohum spa part of the Movenpick Hotel and Spa,after a stressful month, it was something to look forward to since it seemed to promise a relaxation that in my mind seemed as spiritual as earthly.

Walk up the blue-lit staircase to the first floor of the hotel and you come to the spa. The first thing I’m shown is the statue of Lord Dhanavantri who is described as an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Then I’m given a tour of the spa which, as I learn has over eight rooms (including a couple room, wet rooms and reflexology rooms) dedicated to Ayurvedic massages and treatments as well as Oriental, like the Thai and Balinese and Western, including exotic French and Native American treatments.

The spa itself is an affair of black granite-ish walls and dim yellow-orange lighting dotted with lamps meant to recreate a temple atmosphere.

The ceiling inside is covered in kalamkari work of animal motifs done in canvas.

After a quick tour, I’m given a form to fill. The form asks for my pressure level preferences (Strong, Medium, Low) for the massages and then asks me to indicate which parts of my body I’d like the massage to be concentrated on, apart from check on any health indications.

Then I’m whisked off for the Sohum signature spa treatment that consists of a mix of Thai massage and a deep tissue massage, meant for fitness freaks (Wonder where I fit in).

The 30-min Thai massage, was a strong massage, that involved my muscles being stretched and pulled and relaxed while the deep tissue massage worked deep into my muscles untangling knots as I unwound, eyes closed and soaking in the relaxation and the rejuvenating aroma of the oil as my mind finally began to stop chattering. It was almost a spiritual experience.

All too soon, though actually it was over an hour, I was gently asked if I would like a steam bath.

Then I went to take a shower in lukewarm water and topped it all off with a cup of relaxing green tea.

For details and bookings, contact 4300 1000